Kamikazes À Paris

Tunisian sisters 
lived in a quaint flat downtown 
then, they moved into

a handful of dust. Have you 
been to Paris? What was it like?


Ghosts sell stale bread 
in the market. It will be 
a while until even

the Mother of Satan shows
her gleaming face there again.


If they were allowed
to carry, it would have been
a much, much different

situation. Carry it
now: baby, book, water, head.


They found a finger.
They found the brother and showed
it to him and asked

Did you loosen it, sever
it from the body now

too small and multitudinous
to be placed into a bag?


An explosion is
the product of entropy.
Unmasked, confident:

Choose your seeds with intention—
sow 3, 4 times, then reload.

Published in The Adroit Journal, Issue Twenty-Eight